Welcome to the Aldbourne Recreation Centre website.

The Aldbourne Recreation Centre (ARC) project team continue to work towards the provision of sporting and recreational facilities at Palmers Field in Aldbourne for all ages and abilities in the community.

Palmer’s Field is a 3 hectare field donated by the Palmer Family in 2005/6 for sports and recreational use. The ARC village charity (registration No. 1161160) was set up in 2016 and has succeeded in obtaining a lease on the field with the aim of turning it into a productive area for sports and recreation.

This project is for the whole community, by the community, for all ages and abilities.

The sports and recreation centre at Palmer’s Field is a partnership between the people of the village, their Parish Council, various sports and recreation groups/clubs and the village charity (ARC).

The facilities being planned will promote health and well-being across the community, from mums and tots, through grass roots and minis team sports, scouts and guides activities, music and arts, to jogging, adult sports, walking and non-impact exercise facilities for those preferring a slightly more gentle approach!

What is included in the plans?

Perimeter track that includes wilding areas and simple exercise points.

A single multi use sports and recreation hub that serves the regular needs of the participating stakeholder groups/clubs.

Managed vehicle access with suitable car parking off the adjacent roads while encouraging people to walk or cycle to the facility.

We are currently in consultation with local residents and sports and recreation providers to ensure that the space can accommodate the activities that Aldbourne wants and needs. Such a review stage is a crucial one and inevitably does take some time so please bear with us.

You can share your views by completing our short survey.